Njegoševa 1a, 11.000 Belgrade
+ (381) 011 364 02 52 ; + (381) 63 33 22 55

Bacio Gelato icecreams have settled in the heart of Belgrade, in the meeting place of urban, business and cultural flows. Njegoševa 1a is the address where we joined ice-creams made to original Italian recipes and sophisticated French sweets.
Dear hedonists, we had your refined taste in mind while creating our icecreams: the mixture of traditional and exotic tastes will surpass all your expectations.
For us, the preparation of “Gelato” represents the question of tradition, culture and passion. Enjoy.


We are always keen to hear your impressions of Bacio Gelato.
You have an idea for a new cake or a ice/cream flavor you would like to taste?!
Share it with us and we will try to fulfill your sweet wishes.
We are here to make your day sweeter.

Bacio Gelato